UPS Installation and Repair Service

Never worry about power failure in your home. Al-Sughra Engineering Works don't let their customers get worried about their UPS installation and repair. We are providing UPS installation, repair and maintenance on a single call or notice. In Rawalpindi / Islamabad, there are multiple companies who offer services near your place. But, if you are looking for home services, congratulations, you are at a good place because Al-Sughra Engineering Works provide you services of UPS repair center and UPS repair service at your home.

How to fix UPS?

You don't know how to fix UPS? No problem at all, we are here to help you with finding out the UPS repairing center and to get UPS maintenance service. Al-Sughra Engineering Works accommodate you in every condition, either you have new UPS or old. We know how to fix UPS like

  • 1:  Setup new battery for replacement
  • 2:  Voltage understanding
  • 3:  Separate the old battery from UPS
  • 4:  Supplant the new battery to the same UPS
  • 5:  Fuse check
  • 6:  Circuit board repair

We have experts who repair UPS quickly and provide installation and maintenance as well.



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